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The CEO of BT is a mere mortal by the name of Ben Tippmann. BT are not his initials, but stands for Battle Tested. All of the BT paintball markers go through a rigorous research and design phase to make sure that their quality, ruggedness, and reliability is at the top. Every new design gets tested and pushed to make sure it will keep up with the demands of paintball fields and players everywhere. One place to test new product is the infamous Oklahoma D-Day event. I saw Ben Tippmann and many others of the BT family shooting the TM7 at D-Day in 2008 putting it through the paces to find issues that need to be resolved before brining it to the public. This kind of real world testing ensures the quality.

The BT paintball gun lineup has everything you need from the basic paintball gun that will give you what you need to the high end tactical TM series that will give you what you want. The BT blow back markers are based on a proven inline design and will give you reliabilty and durability. The TM series adds on some cool electronics to give you some serious firepower while not adding on much in weight. BT is quickly becoming the go to paintball gun for scenario, woodsball, and recreational players around the world.
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BT-4 Combat Paintball Gun BT-4 Slice Combat Gun Team Parts Kit [TM15, TM7]
Empire BT BT-4 Combat Paintball Gun - Black
Only 2 available. Ships within 1 business day.
List Price: $129.95
Price: $119.95
Special: 105.71
Save $24.24!
Empire BT BT-4 Slice Combat Gun - Black
Ships within 5 business days!
Price: 129.95
Empire BT Team Parts Kit [TM15, TM7]
Ships within 5 business days!
Price: $224.95
Special: 199.95
Save $25.00!
The BT-4 Combat is the choice of demanding players who are looking for a solid and cost effective base to build up with custom parts with the ability to use military spec features. The combat comes with BT reliability and battle tested durability. . .
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