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Empire Invert Mini Paintball Guns

Simon from Invert was the creator of the Mini paintball gun. He wanted to make the lightest and most compact paintball gun ever, and boy did he succeed.

Features for the mini include break beam anti-chop eyes, a multitude of modes for all the tournament circuits, clamping feed neck, 12" barrel, spring return bolt, and a magnetic trigger return. By running the air internally, they were able to get rid of any external hoses. This is another benefit since the Mini won't snag on a branch or blow a hose. One less thing that you have to worry about so you can focus on your game. (Note that the Empire Mini paintball gun was originally branded as the Invert Mini. These guns are the same, only the name has changed)
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Mini Paintball Gun
Empire Invert Mini Paintball Gun - Dust Black with Polished Accessories
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