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PMI Piranha

Upgrades and acessories to work with the PMI Evil Pirahna paintball gun.
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Slider [Piranha] Clamping Feed Port [Epiphany, Impulse, Nerve, SFT, Piranha, Omen, Pimp, Ion] PMI Deluxe Oring Kit [Piranha,GTI,ER3] T-Lock Feedneck [Ion]
Trinity Paintball T-Lock Feedneck [Ion] - Black
List Price: $34.95
Price: $29.95
Special: $19.30
Save $15.65!
Pimp your Piranha with these smooth pulling, high quality bolt sliders from NW Paintball Products. Ultra Low Rise Clamping Feedneck for Ion, Impulse, Shocker, Omen, Piranha, Bushmaster, and other similar markers. Deluxe Set of Orings for Piranha's, GTI, ER3 Trinity T-Lock Feedneck - Black [Ion]
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