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Tippmann and US Army Paintball Gun Packages

Just getting into paintball? We have put together packages for you with the world famous paintball guns from Tippmann with everything you need to start out. From the famous Model 98 to the super tactical X7, we have every Tippmann you want. The Tippmann name is know for ultra reliability and ruggedness that will never fail you. Not to mention, when your friend's non-Tippmann paintball gun goes down, you can always tell him "Dude, you should have bought a Tippmann."

We have taken the increasingly popular US Army Alpha Black paintball gun and paired it up with everything you need in a nice package. You can get everything from the basic model to a fully decked out US Army Alpha black to intmidate your opponents with. With the US Army Alpha Black paintball gun, you get the reliability and durability of a tippmann and the tactical good looks of the US Army. What an awesome combination.
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TiPX Deluxe Gun Package
Tippmann TiPX Deluxe Gun Package - Black
In Stock, but only a few left!
Price: $349.95
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