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Flatline Platinum Barrel [All 98 Series, Alpha Black, Salvo] Flatline Barrel with Foregrip [A5] Flatline Barrel for the X7 Phenom Wide Mouth Barrel Sleeve - Fits Flatlines
Tippmann Flatline Barrel for the X7 Phenom
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The New Flatline Platinum Series Barrel features quick thread design that easily attaches like any other barrel. By utilizing patented backspin technology, this barrel system enables shooters to achieve longer shot distances. The new X7 Flatline is a top of the line barrel upgrade that can shoot up to 250 feet. Patented technology creates back spin on the paintball for long and accurate shots. This new look Flatline is integrated into the marker. The Tippmann Wide Mouth Barrel Sleeve has a gaping hole of a mouth so it fits easily over an A-5 Flatline Barrel.  Also works for Apex barrels or barrels with front sights.  Color may vary from picture.
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