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Paintball Jerseys

Paintball Jerseys are a good way to protect your body on the field and look good while playing. You can support your favorite paintball manufacturer or just pick something that makes you look bad ass. Many paintball jerserys are specifically designed for paintball. So they have a lot of good padding the shoulders, elbows, wrists, and even sometimes the chest.
Angel BT DYE
Angel Sports Paintball makes some kick butt jerseys.
BT Paintball Jerseys
DYE is always on the cutting edge of design and their jerseys prove it.
Planet Eclipse Empire HK Army Paintball Jerseys
Planet Eclipse has probably some of the coolest designs on the planet.
Empire brings to you there paintball jerseys with great protection and styling.
JT Paintball Proto Tippmann
JT USA was the originators of the jerseys we use in paintball today.
Proto has some sweet designs that make you come back every year to get a new one.
Tippmann is the most widely sold paintball gun in the world. Show off that you love Tippmann!
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V-Tac Echo Combat Shirt
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