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Agitated Loaders

There are more agitated loaders on the market then just the big boys. Here we have some of the lesser known one including one of my personal favorites, the Pinokio. We have many to electronic loaders to choose from, so click away and find one that best suits your play and budget.
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TFX Loader Carbon Loader Case

Ships within 2 weeks!
Price: $214.95
HK Army TFX Loader - Black/Grey
Ships within 2 weeks!
Price: $139.95

Ships within 5 business days!
List Price: $84.95
Price: $84.95
Special: $84.95
Exalt Carbon Loader Case - White Carbon
Ships within 2 weeks!
Price: $26.95
. .
Carbon Loader Case

In Stock!
Price: $7.95
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