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DYE Invision I4

Dye Invision I4 Goggles and Accessories

Dye Goggles are some of the best in the industry and are designed with performance and comfort in mind. They are made of high quality materials that are durable and light. The goggles comfort comes from the quality ear pieces Dye has designed, as well as the premium foam they use. Lens changing is easy to do and only takes a few seconds. These are only some of the features of the I4, to read more about them scroll to the bottom of this page, or click the links to the right.

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I4 Goggle System Special Edition with Gold Mirror Thermal Lens I4 Goggle System with Clear Thermal Lens I4 Goggle System Special Edition with Gold Mirror Thermal Lens Eliminator No-Fog Goggle Fan
DYE I4 Goggle System with Clear Thermal Lens - Basic Black
In Stock, but only a few left!
Price: $149.95
Haber Eliminator No-Fog Goggle Fan
Ships within 5 business days!
Price: $69.95
Special: $65.00
DYE Precision I4 Goggle System - Black and Go6d with HD Thermal Lens Now one of the lightest goggles on the market In professional paintball, lightweight is crucial to performance. The less your equipment weighs, the better you can perform and focus on the game. High performance mask! Senses humidity in your goggle system, and activates the fan to eliminate fogging.
Dyetanium Thermal Lens for I4 Goggle System Thermal Lens for I4 Goggle System Thermal Lens for I4 Goggle System
DYE Thermal Lens for I4 Goggle System - Yellow
In Stock, but only a few left!
Price: $44.95
DYE Thermal Lens for I4 Goggle System - Clear
Ships within 2 weeks!
Price: $44.95
. . The I4 Thermal Lenses have perfect optical clarity.  These are for I4 goggle systems only and will not fit the I3's.

Dye I4 Goggles and Accessories Buying Guide

Formed Ears

  • While ear protection is one of the most important features of a mask, quality protection does not need to be bulky. The I4's ear piece is a compression formed ear piece, that is lightweight, bendable, and soft. Cool Max material is used in the ear pieces, this material increases evaporation.

Lens and Horizon Peripheral Vision 

  • All I4's come with a thermal lens, to greatly reduce fogging. These lenses are guarded by "hardcoat", which is an anti-scratch coating on both sides of the lens. The Dye I4 really excels in field of vision. With the lens being so large, it makes it much easier to see things in your peripherals that you would miss with other goggle systems. 

Scream Venting

  • In paintball communication is key, if your teammates can't hear you, you have a lower chance of winning the game. The I4's scream venting is designed to carry your voice to even your furthest away teammates. This venting is also key in keeping you cool during your games, as it allows heat to exit the goggle system.


  • Replacement lenses are a great idea for your I4, different lenses will have different functions. The Dyetanium lenses are designed to really protect you from the sun's rays, while also providing a great look. Dye HD lenses are designed to help your eyes pick up contrast easier, making it easier for some players to see in low light conditions.
  • Even the best venting isn't enough for some players, if you still experience fog (especially if you wear correctional lenses) a fan will save you a ton of frustration.




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