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DYE Precisions is owned by former Ironman Dave "Youngblood" Dehann. When he made the move to aquire the Matrix, he pushed the company into a new era and the DM series was born. With the SoCal weather, they are able to test new designs year round and they constantly push the envelope every year improving on their designs. With awesome firepower and features to boot, it is no wonder you are looking on this page right now.

The all new DYE NT is the most efficient and accurate paintball gun that DYE has ever produced. Over the several years of working on the Boost Bolt design, DYE had revolutionary technological break throughs in air efficiency, accuracy, and stylish design. Built for professionals and designed by professionals, the new Boost Bolt design is the ultimate in the next generation of spool valve design. The NT offers a new circuit board with a more accurate rate of fire control with faster processing speeds. The frame on the NT is the all new second generation ultra light designed for improved trigger adjustment, comfort, and stability. The new ultra light frame also features a new retained push button system and redesigned battery mount. The DYE NT is what all other spool valve paintball guns aspire to be. To be the best.
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