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Got a problem with your paintball equipment? From tanks to hoppers, bolts to boards, we have your solution.  Our Senior Technician and Senior Staff hold Service Certifications for many Paintball Brands and Models.  We are always attending the newest product Trade Shows and Technical Training Classes from the industry's leading manufactures. We are constantly building our knowledge on both the features, and the systems of paintball product designs. We service not only our in house rental fleet of over 200 paintball markers, but also local and national customer equipment. We want to get you on the field, playing paintball, and having fun.

Online Paintball Services:

Factory Certified Out-of-Warranty Paintball Marker Repairs:  With our large warehouse, we stock replacement parts and upgrades for many styles of equipment. Not only do you have the option to get an OEM replacement part for the fix, but we can also offer you suitable upgrades.   Air Gun Designs, AKALMP, Angel, Bob Long, BT, Diablo, DYE, Empire, First Endeavor, Generation E, Indian Creek Designs, Kingman Spyder, Odyssey, Planet Eclipse, Smart Parts, Tippmann and more.

Bottle / Tank Hydrotesting:  We can hydrotest your HPA bottle.  You can drop your tank off at any Drop Zone location to have it done or mail it in.  Details.  CO2 tanks can also be tested but the cost is prohibitive.  Getting a new tank is cheaper.

Factory Certified Out-of-Warranty Paintball Hopper/Loader Repairs:

Electrical and Machining Repairs:

Live Online Chat for Tech and Customer Service Questions:

Installation and Setup Service:

Clean, Tune, Lube:

Walk-In Services (All locations):  All the above mail in services plus . . .  

CO2 Fills:  Our staff is well trained, and we fill your tank to perfection.  Unlike most chain stores, we weigh the bottles when filling them.  You will get a full tank, every time, at Drop Zone.  Want to save money on your CO2 fills?  Make sure to ask about our loyalty fill cards on your next visit.

Kegerator Bottle Fills:  Up to 5lbs while you wait.  Please make sure your tank is below 80 degrees when you bring it in.

HPA / Nitrogen Fills:  Compressed HPA Air fills up to 4,500 PSI.  You can't use your shop compressor for that!

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ESI Service Work Bench Fee - Standard - Mechanical
Need a tune up on your mechanical gun or standard accessory?  Add service fee to your basket.  Select the shipping option for shipping the item back to you. Service

Price: $30.00
ESI We'll Set It Up
We'll Set It Up - We do the work.  You just play the game.

Building a custom setup from the ground up?  Want those items to arrive installed together? Add this to your cart and one of our techs will "set it up" for you.

Price: $30.00
ESI Service Work Bench Fee - Standard - Electronic
Need a tune up on your electronic controlled gun?  Add service fee to your basket.  Select the shipping option for shipping the item back to you. Service

Price: $40.00
ESI Service Work Bench Fee - Advanced - Regulated
Need a tune up on your regulated gun?  Add service fee to your basket.  Select the shipping option for shipping the item back to you. Service

Price: $50.00
Our Repair Process
  • Start work order for tracking of troubleshooting and provide a labor and parts estimate before we begin the repair
  • Verify initial problem and operational check on complete system
  • Disassemble and clean
  • Check for problem sources - Includes reported problem, physical wear surfaces, and internal o-ring seals
  • Perform preventative maintenance - Replace worn items along with failing items to prevent future problems
  • Oil and/or grease internals
  • Set Tank and Gun operating PSI
  • Set high pressure input HP Regulator and pressure input adjustment
  • Set low pressure input LP Regulator and pneumatic adjustment
  • Balance spring pressures Valve and hammer spring equalizing adjustment
  • Adjust dwell and ABS settings Reset and adjust board settings
  • Check Operation Test fire marker with paint to check cycle time, bolt/ram travel, ball detent operation.
  • Chronograph marker Set velocity.

*We have offer both local and national fixes. We do not offer service for markers outside the Continental U.S.
 *Equipment older than 3 years may have parts and upgrades unavailable form the manufacture. Please visit the replacement parts page of the model you have to check for availability.

Master Airsmith: Scott Spade, paintball player since 1995.
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