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A Paintball loader is used to store paintballs on your paintball gun and then to feed them into the breech. In the old days, we relied on gravity to feed the paintballs. These gravity feed loaders are fine if you do not shoot much paint. If you have problems with having to shake the paintball gun to feed the paintballs, then you should upgrade your loader. There are many motorized options to choose from. Some just agitate the paintballs in the loader which will shake it for you so you don't have to. Others are force fed and can give you insane rates of fire. Make sure to choose the one that best suits your needs. We even have many upgrades to add to your loader to increase performance or just add some styling looks to make it more personal to you.
DYE Rotor Empire Prophecy
A radical innovation in loader technology culminating from years of research and collaboration between designers and professional players.
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The best of the best. Year in research and design in loader technology has brought us the best.
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Empire Magna Empire BT Rip Clip
The Magna-Drive feed system is the newest in technology in performance for hoppers. Add the Halo technology and RF and you have a serious hopper.
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This unique rip clip loader replaces your feed neck and feeds paint straight to your gun at 15bps. The side feed setup is very compact
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Empire Reloader GI Sportz LVL Loader
The Halo is the tournament loader that players around the world have relied on for years. Many different options available.
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Invert Halo Tippmann Paintball
The Invert Halo has helped to many paintball paintball championships. Fast and reliable.
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The Tippmann loaders have good speed and reliability at a great price.
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ViewLoader EVLution Series ViewLoader Force Series
Feeds at an insane 23 balls per second with the new feed paddle and vision system.
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The Eye Force feeds at a reliable 20 balls per second with the vision eyes on and 18 with them off.
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ViewLoader Vlocity Series Virtue Spire III
Teams like Dynasty and XSV use the VLocity to give them a 20 to 27 ball per second feed rate. Check out the VLocity Jr. if you are on a budget.
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What's smaller than competing loaders, yet still holds 260 rounds? Still Smaller, Lighter, Holds More, Easier, and Never Jams: the virtue Spire.
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Cyclone Feed Gravity Fed Loaders
Modifcations for the Cyclone Feed Sysem to faster rates of fire along with various sized loaders.
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Loaders that hold 50 rounds up to 200 rounds, no batteries required. Gravity feeds the ball into the paintball gun.
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Agitated Loaders .50 Caliber Loaders
Extreme Rage Overdrive Sonic, Kingman Fasta LCD, View Loader Quantum Loaders
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Loaders to hold the .50 caliber paintballs.
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Hopper Accessories
Talking timers, speed feeds, shell kits, and upgrade boards to give you the edge on the field.
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Turbo T-4 Offset Hopper 450 [Cyclone Feeds] Tac-Cap II [Cyclone Feeds] E-Z View Cyclone Feed Cover
Allen Paintball Products Turbo T-4 Offset Hopper 450 [Cyclone Feeds] - Black
Ships within 5 business days!
List Price: $24.95
Price: $21.95
Special: $16.95
Save $8.00!
Pro-Team Products Tac-Cap II [Cyclone Feeds] - Clear and Black
Ships within 2 weeks!
List Price: $10.95
Price: $9.95
Save $1.00!
TechT E-Z View Cyclone Feed Cover - Clear
Ships within 5 business days!
List Price: $9.99
Price: $9.95
Save $0.04!

In Stock!
Price: $14.95
450 round capacity 43 paintball capacity tactical Cyclone feed hopper with clear window .

In Stock, but only a few left!
Price: $14.95

In Stock!
Price: $14.95
You’re getting all decked out and choosing your gear carefully and finally you find your way to the hopper section. But what’s right for you? First you need to figure out what kind of marker you have and the hopper appropriate to it. Do you have an electronic, pump, or mechanical marker?

PUMP: With a pump marker you’re going to be shooting very low rates of fire so a traditional gravity fed shake and bake hopper should be more than adequate and they even come in small 50 round pocket hoppers perfect for a small profile. However, if you’re looking for greater feed consistency and minimal jamming then the Proto Primo hopper is a fantastic choice. It feeds 8 balls per second without batteries and is uses a “Positive Feed Shell” design that reduces jams and allows better paint flow.

MECHANICAL: With a mechanical marker you’ll most likely still be shooting lower rates of fire so the shake and bake and Primo hoppers are very solid options. However, now you may find yourself looking into agitated electronic hoppers to keep up and provide more consistent feeding. When looking at starter electronic hoppers there are several good options.

·         First on the block is the Tippmann SSL-200 which features a low profile design, LED on/off, an adjustable o-ring feedneck to fit most markers, and uses a proprietary Bend Sensor that prolongs battery life and feeds up to 15 BPS.

·         Second up is the Viewloader Eye-Force which sports 20 BPS, LED on/off, a two piece body for easy cleaning, and the electronically controlled anti-jam propeller will automatically reverse and reset if a jam is detected using the exclusive dual vision system.

·         Lastly, this reviewer’s fan favorite is the Viewloader Vlocity Select Force. It rounds out the mid-end category with a track record of reliability and significantly advanced features like 25 BPS, Select Force technology that allows you to adjust the feed rate according to your paint brittleness, break beam eyes, a reprogrammable board to update settings and modes, and a 200 round capacity in a high-impact polymer shell.

ELECTRONIC: When stepping up to electronic markers with very high rates of fire the previously mentioned hoppers will all work fantastically. But for the absolute best in feed rate, consistency, ease-of-use, and toughness day after day on the field, you need to step up your equipment to the top of the line.

·         The Pinokio hopper system brings several unique features to the game, the first being its ability to add a scenario nose cone section that brings its carrying capacity to an impressive 400 rounds. The Pinokio also features 30+ BPS, energy efficient with 38 cases off of two 9v batteries, and one touch LED on/off.

·         The Empire Prophecy Z2 is the latest in a long line of hoppers that push the envelope on features, looks, and reliability. The Z2 is sound activated, RF chip upgradeable, ultra-lightweight composite, infrared sensors provide automatic ball jam clearance, tool-less disassembly, rip-drive, one touch on/off, can shoot reballs consistently, 22+ BPS.

·         Finally, the Dye Rotor has been the top of the line hopper since its introduction in 2008 and now with the generation 3 Rotor’s becoming standard there is no reason not to add one as your primary feeder. The Rotor ‘s features include, tool-less disassembly, one-button operation, spring-loaded floor tray, 50,000 rounds off of 3 AA batteries, shark-fin anti jam, a staggering 50+ BPS, low-profile and upgradeable to a larger capacity shell and speed feeds.

CYCLONE/RIP CLIP: Two final feed systems to consider are the Cyclone and Rip Clip systems from Tippmann and BT respectively.

·        The Cyclone is unique in its use of the air system to constantly feed balls at 15 BPS without the need for batteries. This system synchronizes your ball feeding for reduced breakage and jamming.  

·         The Rip Clip is similar to the cyclone in design but uses technology first used in the Halo line of loaders which has been incorporated into many other hoppers. Force fed and sound activated, the Rip Clip can run 20 BPS and features the Rip Drive anti-jam.  Now for use on BT markers as well as the Tippmann 98.

As you have seen there are many different ways to feed paintballs into your marker. There are not any real wrong ways to do so, just good options and better options. Now you have the facts to make an informed decision about those options, make the best of it!
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