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Best Paintball Fields and Parks

Drop Zone Paintball Park Kansas City: (Lawrence, KS) 

Drop Zone Paintball Paintball Park is centrally located in the United States with easy access from Lawrence, Topeka, and the greater Kansas City Area. First opened in 1989, the Drop Zone Park is situated on 89 acres of hills, wooded valleys, creek-beds, and washouts. The park has hosted numerous paintball scenario events and tournament series. Recreational open games and private party games are available on both open play days and by reservation. 

CPX Sports
Chicago: (Joliet, IL)

CPX Sports has created the ultimate experience in Paintball excitement…semi-automatic mayhem…from the games you play, to the fields you play on, like Armageddon, an apocalyptic town's ruins of dozens of burned out buildings creating the eeriest of landscapes. Or the Jungle of Doom where the objective becomes finding a golden idol inside an ancient Aztec Temple. Then there's The Town of Bedlam, Illinois, by far the most exhilarating playing field ever created. The two-story, million-dollar, ten-block town is complete in every detail. You can take one of our two unique trams Phobos or Deimos to other attractions like Fort Courage, an old west cavalry fort or Wasteland, something right out of a Road Warrior movie. Quicken the pace in our Hyperball and Air Bunker Field. CPX Sports has 5 major theme fields, 13 woods fields, and target range for warming up. Complete Rentals - all Tippmann Custom 98 Semi-Automatic Marker with Anti-Chop Technology - are available. 

Hell Survivors Detroit: (Pinckney, MI) 
Hell Survivors® has proudly remained the longest running paintball playfields in the world for over 28 years. Hell Survivors® hosts five of the greatest games on earty every year, such as the ' Global Conquest Real-Life Scenario Game™' the World Famous 'Monster Game®' and the truly International 'Tippmann World Challenge™'. Our 180-acre complex incorporates twelve of the hottest playing fields in the Midwest, including our brand new XX-Ball™ fields. Now incorporating two regulation playfields, PSP Race2™ & X-Ball™. Come play with the pros! Pro-Teams will be hosting a series of Pro Clinics, Tournaments and leagues and team practices. 

EMR Paintball Scranton: (New Milford, PA) 
We strive to provide you with the most adrenaline packed, fun, paintball experience possible in a safe and friendly environment. Come join the E.M.R. Family. 

Edmonton Paintball Centre Edmonton, AB Canada
We're Edmonton's premier indoor paintball facility, located just North of Downtown Edmonton.

Empire BT Big Game Many field locations around the world. 
Empire Battle Tested Big Game - The Global Paintball Event: The Empire BT Big Game has had over 20,000 players participate in this event since its inception in 2008. Players from around the world compete in the same missions for one day. Real time live scoring is uploaded instantaneously, so you can track your team’s progress from other countries around the globe. 

Try Paintball Now Sponsored by Tippmann Nationwide Play Paintball Program 
Experience Paintball - There is nothing virtual about it. No controllers, no pause button, no reset. The action is closer than you think. Find the nearest field and join the fun. 

Free Rookie Pass Sponsored by Empire Nationwide Play Paintball Program 
This is the ultimate paintball promotion for rookies! Empire Paintball is giving away free paintball field admission coupons for paintball fields near you. The Empire Paintball Free Rookie Pass Coupon* entitles you to free field admission, free rental marker, goggle, and air fill.

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