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Bite - 1 Skid of 90 Cases of 2000 Paintballs Tear Paintballs - Double Case (4000 Paintballs) Bite Paintballs - Double Case (4000 Paintballs) Burn Paintballs - Double Case (4000 Paintballs)
Karnage Bite - 1 Skid of 90 Cases of 2000 Paintballs - Our Color Choice - .68 Caliber
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List Price: $4,860.00
Price: $3,170.00
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(1) 90-Case Skid of Paintballs. Free Shipping to NM, OK, KS, MO, NE, IA, IL, AR
90 Cases x 2000 paintballs each = 180,000 paintballs.

If you have other items on your order then shipping charges will apply.
Karnage Tear Premium Grade: Metallic two tone shell, bright thick fill. Karnage Bite Field Grade: Solid color shell, good marking thick fills.  Karnage is designed with optimal bore size in mind. Karnage Burn: Recreational grade paint is a great paint for practice and fun.  These have a slightly thicker shell so they won't break in your gun and the fill is light and easy to clean.
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