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Empire Prophecy Loaders and Accessories

The Empire Prophecy LTD paintball loader comes with Halo technology and is the ultimate loader package in the industry. This is why professional players around the world use them time and time again. The Prophecy is a complete loader package that comes with interchangeable lids and bodies to custom tailor your loader to your specific needs for the day. From scenario to tournament, the Prophecy is the best you will find. With the included USB cable, you are given adjustability in your loader allowing you to adjust settings with the push of a button. The Prophecy utilizes eyes, RF technology, and sound that insures that a paintball is fed into your paintball gun every time you pull the trigger. The Halo technology has an updated belt drive to increase performance and speed. Ever broken a feed neck? Well, so do not worry here. The Feed neck is reinforced with aluminum to keep up with any of the physical demands you will need on the field.
  • Infrared sensors located on the carrier, feed neck, and drive gear to unsurpassable sensing.
  • Wireless RF chip to sync up with your paintball gun and sound sensing abilities.
  • Reverse drive system to clear ball jams on the fly without having to dump all your paintball out.
  • 3 button interface for ease of use with a low battery level indicator to know when to swap out your battery.
  • Provided USB cable allows you to connect to a computer to upload software and firmware updates easily from your own home.
  • Software: Automatic battery detection. User configurable eyes along with the sound, speed, and torque. Ability to communicate with VICI and MAGNA RF boards.
  • Included: Empire Prophecy loader. High quality TPR backplate, 3' USB cable, Mini-CD software. Quick Start Manual. Snap friction lid. 200rd front body. 2 pod front body.
  • Lifetime warranty.

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Aluminum Neck Insert [Prophecy]
Empire Aluminum Neck Insert [Prophecy]
In Stock, but only a few left!
List Price: $14.00
Price: $12.00
Special: $10.00
This is the new stronger aluminum neck insert.
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