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Dye Paintball Barrels

The Dye Boomstick is one of the most popular high end barrel in the paintball industry as used by Team Ironmen for many many years. DYE was first created back in the early 90's making stainless steel barrels for many paintball guns available at the time. Through the years, they had improved and adapted on the famous design. You can get the Boomstick on a 2-piece design or even a single bore design. The Ultra-Light Boomstick utilizes an all aluminum design decreasing the weight of previous models while still retaining the famous and trademarked muzzle break. Available in 14 inch, 16 inch, and 18 inch lengths in various colors and materials. Get what suits you and your play!
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DYE Ultralite Barrel with 1 Tip and 1 Back Ultralite Barrel Back [Cocker Threads] Universal Barrel Tip - 14 Inches
DYE Ultralite Barrel Back [Cocker Threads] - Dust Black - .688
In Stock, but only a few left!
Price: $69.95
DYE Universal Barrel Tip - 14 Inches - Dust Black
Ships within 2 weeks!
Price: $59.95
The Dye Ultralite barrel is popular favorite of the top pros today. The Ultralite is chosen for its all aluminum light weight advatage. . Fits Dye Ultralite and Boomstick barrel backs.  This is a tip only and wil not work without a back.
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