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Discount Paintball Gun Packages and Kits

We have been in the paintball business for many years. From producing scenario games to playing professionally, we have done it all. Through the years, we have gained a lot of buying power along with tons of experience. This allows us to put together good packages for you guys at good deals. From custom tactical setups to paintballs gun packages with everything you need, you will find it here. Why buy a paintball gun that is stock? Why not already get one upgraded straight from us? We have factory trained technicians on hand to put upgraded paintball guns together and test them before they even leave our warehouse, and that is peace of mind. These paintball gun packages offer you a wide range of choices, without all the work of picking each item, and saving you money at the same time. If you are just starting out in the world of paintball, we have packages just for you. If you already have everything and looking for a paintball gun already customized and upgraded? We have that too. These packages are discounted and made just for you guys. If you were to buy everything separate, it would cost a lot more money. By bundling everything together, we are able to give you an even better price.
Starter Kits Tippmann US Army
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Looking for a Tippmann or US Army Gun with all the goodies? Then Click here!
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Wanna go play Army and need everything? This is the place you want to go! (everyone loves to play Army, heck we all still do!)
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