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The BT Paintball TM7 is a heavy hitter on the woodsball field, but you can make it even better. Check out our upgrades and accessories to get the most out of your TM7.
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Team Parts Kit [TM15, TM7] Deluxe Empire Oring Kit [MINI,TM7,TM15,AXE] Delrin Bolt [TM7,TM15] MRT Hi Performance Spring Kit [TPX, Axe, Mini, Tm7, TM15]
Empire BT Team Parts Kit [TM15, TM7]
In Stock, but only a few left!
Price: $224.95
Special: $199.95
Save $25.00!
Reliable Performance Modifications Deluxe Empire Oring Kit [MINI,TM7,TM15,AXE]
Ships within 1 week!
Price: $16.95
Special: $11.95
Save $5.00!
TechT Delrin Bolt [TM7,TM15]
Ships within 5 business days!
List Price: $44.95
Price: $39.99
Save $4.96!
TechT MRT Hi Performance Spring Kit [TPX, Axe, Mini, Tm7, TM15]
In Stock!
List Price: $17.95
Price: $14.99
Save $2.96!
. Deluxe Set of Orings for MINI, TM7, TM15, AXE Techt has cut the weight down on the TM MRT Bolt down to 6.5 grams. Efficiency is king. Don't pass up this easy to install and affordable upgrade for Empire, BT, and Tippmann markers!
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