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Dye Rotor - Revolutionary Patented Rotor Technology: This remarkable loader can feed 50,000 balls with 1 set of batteries, feeds them at 50+ bps, and can be disassembled in under 30 seconds.
  • Revolutionary Patented Rotor Technology: Exceeds Pro requirements with a 50+ bps feed rate.  The constant feed rotor carousel provides smooth consistent, rapid, and dependable performance.
  • Low Profile: Center feed design allows for a small and low profile.
  • 200 Ball Capacity: 20% more than some loaders but it still maitains a low profile and light weight.
  • Spring Loaded Floor Tray: The collapsible floor tray compresses under the weight of the paint for maximum capacity.  When you get low on paint the tray pops up helping to feed the last balls so you can run out your loader smoothly.
  • No Tools Needed: Not screws or nuts.  A single push button lets you complete disassemble the loader for battery replacement and cleaning.  Nothing to lose!
  • See Through Windows: See your paint level without opening the lid.
  • Interchangeable Carrier with Spring Lid: Removable upper shell lets you change colors or switch to a high capacity 250 round top. (Sold separately).
  • Positive Push Power button: Single push on off button has a distinct and durable feel and an integrated "Power On" light.  Now there's never a question if your loader's on or not.
  • Jam Release Trigger: In the rare event of a jam due to out of round or oversized paint just pull the anti jam release trigger and you're back in action.
  • 50,000+ Shot count: All one just one set of 3 AA batteries.  This efficient power regulation is revolutionary and the first of its kind in paintball loaders.

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Rotor R2 Loader Rotor R2 Loader Feedgate [Rotor] Rotor Wrap - Beer
DYE Rotor R2 Loader - Navy/Lime
Only 1 available. Ships within 1 business day.
List Price: $249.95
Price: $214.95
Special: $179.95
DYE Rotor R2 Loader - Black/Black
Ships within 2 weeks!
List Price: $249.95
Price: $214.95
Special: $179.95
Exalt Feedgate [Rotor] - Black
In Stock!
List Price: $18.95
Price: $16.95
Special: $14.95
Clearance Item - KM Rotor Wrap - Beer
Only a few left! Ships within 1 business day.
Price: $12.95
Pop up design gives the R2 a capacity of up to 260 balls. Pop up design gives the R2 a capacity of up to 260 balls. . Clearance Item: All sales are final.
Rotor Bottom On/Off Button Cover
DYE Rotor Bottom On/Off Button Cover
In Stock!
List Price: $6.00
Price: $5.00
Replacement power button for the Dye Rotor.
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