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Empire Magna Loaders and Accessories

The Empire Magna loader with the Magna-Drive feed system is the progression of performance of speed. The Magna-Drive is a patent pending new magnetic clutch drive system with and advanced and customizable feed system built in. You can adjust your feed rate, tension, and torque easily. You can even dial in the sensitivity and even sync your paintball gun to your loader with the patented RF system. The unique shape reduces your profile giving you an edge on the field. The tooless battery lid allows easy access for changing your batteries out quickly.
  • Magna-Drive Clutch System which gives you unsurpassed speed and performance.
  • Built in RF wireless receiver to sync to your paintball gun quickly and easily.
  • Easy access tooless battery compartment.
  • Halo Rip Drive to un-jam paintballs quickly and easily.
  • Magnetic lid to keep the lid secure.
  • Reduced profile to give you an edge on the field with snap shooting.
  • Strong poly-carbonate shell with reinforced feed neck that will stay together with the hardest of dives.
  • Lifetime Warranty

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