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JT Spectra

JT Spectra Goggles and Accessories

JT has long been a household name in the goggles industry. The Spectra is the kind of lens they take. They also are some of the more customizable goggles on the market.
  • JT ProFlex - The ProFlex is probably the most popular mask of all time, due in large part to how customizable they are. They are known for their comfortable and breathable light weight design. 
  • JT Flex 8 - Flex 8's are essentially a less upgradable ProFlex, they share many features, with the exception of the flex bottom of course. Also avaliable in full head shield editions.
  • Spectra Lens - Mirrored lenses are very popular as they make you stand out on the field, as well as blocking a lot of unwanted sunlight. Smoke lenses also block some sunlight, and arent as flashy. Yellow colored lenses are good for people who play indoors or in low light conditions

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Spectra Thermal Lens 2.0
JT Spectra Thermal Lens 2.0 - Prizm Sky
In Stock, but only a few left!
Price: $53.95
Gives your spectra mask a mirrored icy look to it.

JT Spectra Google Buying Guide

JT ProFlex

  • Known for their lightweight and comfortable design, these masks are a major player in the mask market, as well as having a kind of cult following in paintball forums and fields alike. ProFlex's feature a unique flexible mouth guard, that can catch you game changing bounces during you matches. They have improved on the ears in the latest editions, the ears are now more protective and much more durable. The ProFlex comes standard with a thermal lens, which means you never have to worry about the lens fogging up on you during your games. These masks are very popular, and are time tested. With the original Flex 7's coming out in 1995, they have almost had two decades of dominance. Their cult like following is due to the amount of rare, limited, and special edition flex parts that have been around for the past twenty years.

JT Flex 8

  • The Flex 8 is another excellent JT product. While it is not as customizable as its ProFlex brother, it makes up for in value. The Flex 8 is also available in a full head shield version, for those looking for more protection. The mask comes with comfortable foam, and is a very easy mask to breathe in. The Flex 8 comes standard with a thermal lens, which means you never have to worry about the lens fogging up on you during your games. The other big difference between the Flex 8 and the ProFlex can be seen in the mouth guard, the Flex 8 features a plastic mouth guard, while the ProFlex uses a flexible rubber material.

Lenses and Accessories

  • Upgraded lenses fullfil a variety of different objectives. Choosing the right lens for you is easy, what are your objectives? Are you looking for something that will protect you from the sun? Then mirrored lenses or smoke lenses would be what you're looking for. The differences between the two essentially comes down to style, some people prefer the flashier mirrored lenses (myself included) while others prefer the smoke as to blend in better with their surroundings. If you typically play at indoor facilities or in low light conditions, a yellow lens may help you see better.
  • Another popular upgrade for the Spectra series of goggles are fans. Fans are particularly useful for players who wear glasses in their mask.
  • Finally it is always good to have a microfiber cloth, and some goggle cleaner around just incase someone gets lucky and shoots you in the goggles.


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