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Paintball Dot Sight

Paintball dot sights are one of the most popular tactical upgrades amongst scenario players. They are typically very easy to install, and offer an instant upgrade to your vision on the paintball field. There are many different dot sights avaliable for paintball markers, as they use the same mounting systems as firearms. It is important when choosing a dot sight to know which features will be the most important for you. There will be a breakdown of the dot sights feature on its product page, as well as a buying guide at the bottom of this page.

Paintball Dot Sight Specifications

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HD Mini Dot Sight
Killhouse Weapon Systems HD Mini Dot Sight - Black Shell with Red and Green Reticle
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Paintball Dot Sight Specifications

Reticle Color

  • Some dot sights will have multiple colored reticles, however most dot sights will only have red. Different colors are easier to see in different environments.

Reticle Brightness

  • This setting is just refering to how bright the reticle will apear on your backdrop. As before, this is because a brighter dot may be easier to see on certain backdrops, while the dimmer one may be better on a different backdrop.

Reticle Shape

  • Some dot sights will have the option to change the reticles shape. These can be anything from crosshairs, triangles, or even hazmat, and zombie reticles.

Mount Type

  • This specification will tell you what kind of markers that dot sight can be used with. See the video below for additional information!

Mount Length

  • The mount length is the distance between the two rail mounts on the sight. This specification is important because you need to make sure your paintball markers rail is long enough for the sight.

Body Dimensions

  • This is just to give you an idea of the size of the sight, it will give you a good idea of whether or not your hopper will interfere with your down sight vision.

Body Type

  • Body type will tell you what kind of sight it is. Tubed dot sights will have a case protecting all of their internals, making them a bit more bulky.. but a lot more durable. The other type is an Open dot sight, these will be smaller in size, but also less durable than the tubed dot sights.

Lens Size

  • Lens size is simply the diameter of the lens.


  • How much the sight weighs.
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