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ViewLoader EVLution Series Loaders and Accessories

The eVLution has gone through many revisions in the years. Viewloader brought the eVLution out first in the late 90's and introduced force feed technology to the world. Since then, they have improved on the design making it better and better. The newest model is the eVLution 4 that incorporates even more features. The shell incorporates impact resistant and flexible REVY material for the toughest conditions wether you play in the woods or on an Xball field. The new tooless quick release pins make maintenance quick and easy for the beginner or the advanced player. The instant automatic and quick jam features dislodges the balls that gets stuck giving you a more consistent feed rate of 18 balls per second. The dual LED battery monitoring system gives you advance notice so you don't run out of batteries when you need it most.
  • Average of 18 balls per second feed rate with Z Board.
  • 6 blade flexible jam free paddle with 200 round hopper.
  • Low battery indicator with plenty of warning before it dies.
  • "Spill Proof" spring loaded lockable lid the keeps your paintballs in and not falling out everywhere.
  • Vision system that recognizes black and dark shelled paintballs without a problem.
  • Reinforced feed neck for strength and low profile for reduced hopper hits.
  • EVLUTION 4 UPGRADE - 3 Blade spring loaded paddle that won't break paintballs.
  • EVLUTION 4 UPGRADE - Flexible, impact resistant material for long life.
  • EVLUTION 4 UPGRADE - Removable ball tray for easy cleaning.
  • EVLUTION 4 UPGRADE - Tooless quick release pins for easy access maintenance and cleaning.

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