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ViewLoader Force Series Loaders and Accessories

The Viewloader Eye Force can feed paintballs at an incredible 20 balls per second. The Eye Force features a two piece body design for easy cleaning and maintenance and battery replacement is a breeze. The flip cap spring lid will ensure that the paintballs stay where they are needed. The electronically controlled anti jam propeller will automatically reverse itself and reset if a jam is detected and the eye detects when a paintball moves so that it can keep the paintballs moving along into your paintball gun.
  • 20 ball per second feed rate with a 200 round capacity hopper.
  • Eye activated force feed with an instant automatic anti jam to give you consistent fire power when you need it.
  • 2 piece body design for easy cleaning and battery swapping.
  • LED low battery indicator.
  • Double vision system will recognize black or even dark shell colors.
  • 3 bladed spring loaded force feed paddle that won't break paintballs.

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Revolution Paintball Loader
JT Revolution Paintball Loader - Black
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